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An eco wetsuit made from limestone neoprene and recycled materials

The Wildsuits ‘4/3’ is a premium eco wetsuit, ideal for UK surfing conditions throughout the year. It offers surfers the best of both worlds: warmth and flexibility. Now with a quick-drying fleece lining, the Wildsuit is warmer and more flexible than ever, making it a truly versatile wetsuit. Responsibly sourced and made from recycled and natural materials, it also happens to be one of the most eco-friendly wetsuits on the market.

This thickness (4/3mm) is suitable for cold to temperate waters—perfect for British surfers needing warmth and freedom of movement. The ‘4/3’ gives you 4mm thickness on the parts of the body most sensitive to the cold, and 3mm thickness on the arms and legs. The Wildsuits ‘4/3’ Eco Wetsuit is recommended for use in water temperatures between 8°C and 15°C. This means you’ll be able to surf through the year in the UK with this wetsuit.

What makes an eco wetsuit?

This eco-friendly wetsuit is made with naturally-formulated limestone neoprene. Instead of using dirty petroleum-based ingredients, Wildsuits use calcium carbonate from limestone. The inner fabric is made up of 45 recycled plastic bottles. And the strong glue that holds it all together is water-based (no solvents).

The 4/3mm wetsuit allows you to enjoy plenty of wild sessions and respect the environment at the same time. Wildsuits is committed to creating the most eco-responsible wetsuits possible. From production to delivery and recycling, the aim of Wildsuits is to limit its environmental impact and put the planet first in its pursuit of wetsuit perfection.

Why choose Wildsuits?

The newly-designed ‘Wild Fleece’ lining reaches all the way from the neck to the knees. The 4/3mm will keep you as toasty as a 5/4mm winter wetsuit, but with the flexibility of a spring suit. The limestone neoprene knee pads are ultra durable and provide excellent comfort and resistance, session after session. And the new generation inner fabric (composed of 45 plastic bottles per suit) is more flexible than most wetsuit linings… and saves the planet too!

Wildsuits eco wetsuits are rigorously tested and evaluated by pro riders and customers all over the world. Put to the test under some of the most extreme conditions in Europe, they are proven to be durable and long-lasting. So, if you want a perfect wetsuit for British seas year-round, the Wildsuits 4/3mm wetsuit is the way to go. It will keep you warm during autumn, winter and spring sessions.


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