Eatsalt Surfwear

Eatsalt is one of the most distinctive UK surfwear and surf gear brands. We offer high-quality surf clothing, fashion accessories and products for surfers and beach-lovers across the world.

We're based in Cardiff and South Wales in the United Kingdom. We deliver to the UK as well to the rest of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and most other countries worldwide.

Eatsalt makes surf clothing for men and women as well as essential surf gear, including wetsuits and rashvests. We also sell beach essentials from flip-flops and towels to sunglasses and surf accessories.

Browse our collection of premium surfwear for Men and for Women, or have a look at some of our fabulous new Surf products. There are t-shirts and tops, hoodies, swimwear and flip-flops, board shorts and rash vests, and much more.

You can browse the full range through the main Shop page. We know you'll love our stunning designs and appreciate the quality of all our products!

Find out more about what Eatsalt stands for below...

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Premium Surf Clothing & Accessories

Our products are built to withstand the rugged beaches, yet crafted with careful attention to detail. Quality materials, design, comfort and style are integral components to all of our products. Eatsalt makes surf clothing and surf gear you can rely on to last and to maintain its good-looks, despite the rough and tumble of beach life and surfing.

Built to last and made with high quality materials, tested to live up to the demands of surfers and beach-lovers. We strive for quality by using carefully-sourced, strong and durable fabrics.
Our range of unique designs are stunning. Eatsalt delivers innovative clothing and surf products that stand out because they are designed to fit and designed to look the part. The sun, the sea and the sand are at the heart of what we do.
Comfort and style go hand-in-hand when it comes to the best surfwear and fashion. We never compromise. Everything we make is as comfortable to wear as it is built to last; style and fit should always go hand-in-hand.